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William Novotny

Graduate Certified Appraiser (GCA), College For Appraisers
International Society of Appraisers, AM

A full time dealer in antiques, art, and collectibles from 1979-1999, Bill has exhibited at important antique shows in California and provided restoration services since the 1990's; he has been a full time appraiser since 1993. He has experience providing litigation support as a designated expert witness and is published in theJournal of Advanced Appraisal Studiesand certified by the Appraiser Qualification Board of the Appraisal Foundation as "AQB Certified USPAP Instructor." He was the first personal property appraiser in the USA to achieve this certification and has taught USPAP courses yearly since 1998 for American Society of Appraisers (ASA), the International Society of Appraisers (ISA), Appraisers National Association (ANA) and the College for Appraisers. In addition to his USPAP courses, Bill will also be teaching an “Introduction to Appraising” course in the coming semesters.

Vivien L. Hessel

Member - Distance Learning Faculty
Graduate Certified Appraiser (GCA), College For Appraisers
Certified Textiles Appraiser (CTA), College for Appraisers
B.A., Art History, California State University, Long Beach

Vivien is certified through the College for Appraisers since 1999, and accredited through the International Society of Appraisers (ISA). She has three specialty designations: Antiques & Residential Contents, Fine Art, and Japanese Prints. She has taught both the European Pottery and American Pottery courses live and on video for the College for Appraisers.

Vivien has been actively appraising personal property and conducting estate sales for over ten years, and was associated with the appraisal web site "
What's it Worth to You" for many years. She opened her "Art Price" accredited internet fine art store in 2006 where she lists art for sale.
Vivien recently returned from an extensive Europe tour where she visited the Meissen Manufactory in Meissen, Germany and the Dresden Meissen collection in Dresden.

Mischa Dobrotin

Member - Distance Learning Faculty
A.A., Pasadena City College
B.S., University of California, Los Angeles

Mischa spent his early years in Yosemite National Park and on his family ranch in Ramona. He is an expert in early farm tools, metals and metal working, American Indian artifacts, jewelry, and Early Americana. He developed and teaches both the Metals of Antiques and Early Americana courses. His knowledge is vast, and he is a uniquely popular teacher.

Dr. Roger Cook, PhD

Roger has been an “automobilist” since cars started “following him home” when he was just a young boy. He has been assembling and appraising cars for over 55 years. He is a musician and song writer and an award-winning filmmaker. He has produced over 300 training videos in all aspects of automobile repair (most recently producing a training video with legendary car restorer, Gene Winfield, “Painting the Winfield Way”), and also produced training videos in music and antique instrument restoration. He is a member of the North American Academy of Arts & Sciences, Guild of American Luthiers, Association of String Instrument Artisans, several antique car clubs, is an avid antique car and musical instrument collector. Roger teaches Auto Appraising.

Jerelyn Cobb

Graduate Certified Appraiser (GCA), College For Appraisers
B.A., Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN

Jerelyn is the collectors' collector. She has vast historic collections of kitchenware, baskets, textiles and ephemera. Her collection of 19th and 20th century Valentine's cards has earned her the title "Queen of Hearts." She is a focused and very popular teacher who has taught home economics in the past, and now teaches the Early Americana course. She also does estate sales, shows, swap meets, and coordinates major rummage sales for fortunate non-profits.

William Belisle

Certified Fine Arts Appraiser (CFAA), College For Appraisers
M.B.A., M.A., California State University, Long Beach

Bill is chair of CFA's Fine Arts Program. He is an expert in original prints of all types, an avid collector of art and antiques, and has received training in Fine Arts Restoration in England. He is a successful dealer and has expertise in silver as well as fine arts. He teaches the Fine Arts Appraising Program.

Belinda Belisle

Graduate Certified Appraiser (GCA), College For Appraisers
Certified Textiles Appraiser (CTA), College for Appraisers
B.S., M.A., California State University, Long Beach

Belinda is an award-winning lace-maker, restorer, and appraiser. She has studied and collected antique textiles for over 25 years. She is a member of International Old Lace, Inc., The London Lace Guild, The Wearable Art Guild, Textile Museum Associates of So. Calif., Old Colonial Coverlet Guild, the Textile and Costume Guild, and American Institute for Conservation of Historic & Artistic Works (AIC). Belinda has a BA degree with specialization in textiles. She has completed coursework in collections care, coverlet identification and restoration. She designed and teaches the Textiles Certificate Program.

Sally Aversa

Member - Distance Learning Faculty
Graduate Certified Appraiser (GCA), College For Appraisers
MCA, College For Appraisers
A.A., East Los Angeles College

Sally is a long-time collector of Victorian jewelry and boxes. She and her husband, Mike, operate a successful Estate Sales and Appraisal service in Southern California.Sally is pictured here with her husband Mike Aversa.

Thomas Ahern
Graduate Certified Appraiser (GCA), College For Appraisers

Tom is a life-long collector and a popular teacher with an encyclopedic knowledge of glass, jewelry, gemstones and pottery. He is a successful appraiser and antiques dealer for over forty years with shops in several malls in Southern California. He is a member-supporter of several glass collector clubs and has done research for the Glass Museum in Redlands. Small parts of his enormous collection go on display annually at the Pomona Public Library. Tom teaches glass and pottery courses, and he coordinates the Home Study Program.

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