Julia Bell

“I was in the midst of changing occupations and the College for Appraisers staff made everything so easy. Most important, the instructors at the college gave me the greatest foundation to understanding antiques and collectibles. As a result, I feel as if I have a greater advantage over others with what I learned….

In my current work, I do over 100 comparables a week. I could not do this without the foundation I learned at the Collage for Appraisers.”

Treasure Fields

“Attending College for Appraisers was the best experience of my life. The instructors are knowledge, and encouraging. Tom Ahern is not only supportive but a true mentor. I cannot say enough about what a great experience it was to have been a student at

the college; and, in every way the College for Appraisers was money well spent...”

Kathleen Smith

“The College for Appraisers did more for me than any other organization has ever done. They offered local classes with that were full of substance, objective and uncompromising. substance. The staff was understanding and able to meet all my needs. The instructors were very well versed in the field. All were credentialed, knowledgeable and nothing but supportive.”

“Walt Miller is a tremendous person!”


"I loved the material presented on identifying metals!"

"Mischa showed me the common denominator from metals to furniture… Great!"

"He is an excellent instructor… [I loved] learning about the people and the history of all the items we studied."

"Mischa is so knowledgeable about all these items and their history.  His personal stories create special interest."

"Prior to this course I was not particularly interested in primatives, but I have definitely changed my mind."

"Mischa imparts such wonderful basic knowledge!"


Class of February 2015

Call: 714-952-2727


"I am amazed by his knowledge."

"This is an excellent course…Tom is so knowledgeable and shares all his knowledge.

"Tom shared so much practical knowledge in understanding California Pottery as well as of pottery artists."

"Tom was greatly prepared and the material very interesting and comprehensively presented."
Thank you!

"Tom brought great samples and lots of good information.  ….he answered all questions and had thorough knowledge of the subject.

[I found most helpful]… how to find and recognize excellent potters and artists."